Friday, April 29, 2011

Help the fish
        Overfishing was more of a tale or a rumor back in the days but nowadays it's more than a fact, so we have to do something to prevent this ticking Bomb from exploding because if it did we will be the one suffering from it. The reason why I chose this picture to represent my topic is that this picture can talk and explain itself and as you can see the enormous number of fish laying there is terrifying.

Friday, April 22, 2011


It all starts with a smile,
You can never have a denial.
Never I thought it would end with a stab.
From someone who always got my back.
Someone who was more than a brother to me.
With him, I could not see.
That he was more than an enemy to me.
He betrayed me.
He knew that I loved her with all my heart.
I trusted him with all I got.
But in the end trusting him was all my fault.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pain of love

Pain of love
I loved you from all my heart
I gave you all what you want
You say you love me
 but you don't
And you always miss me
But a I'm always close 
I didn’t know everything you said was a lie
You made me believe that my heart is your desire 
if you don’t love me just sent me free
so goodbye my love from all my heart
you can forget me now and do whatever that you want
and I am sorry that I loved you from all my heart


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jornal 5


        I was 15 years old when I got my diving license, at that time the only thing I was thinking about is diving and fishing. I used to go diving every weekend with my brother and my friends. At first we used to go to have fun and catch a couple of fishes, but after that when they bought their diving rifles it became more of competition and I decided to join. Two days later I bought my diving rifle and each time we go and dive I would come back home with a lot of fish with me not knowing what am going to do with it, some of it will go to my family and some to my friends and the rest to the dump. We became more like cowboys but for us it would be under water, regardless of that its illegal to catch fish with a rifle we used to that anyway until one day ě▓ecame more like cowboys but for it would be under water, go to my family and some will to friends to catch fish wit a rifle we got caught from the coastguards. While we were in their station a man approach us and started to talk to us about what we are doing and how it's affecting the wild life under the water and he gave us an example about what we are doing, he said" imagine that if you have a pool with a fifty fish swimming in it and every day you catch on you won't see the impact of that immediately but what's going to happen if there was twenty people coming every day and each one of them catches one fish you will definitely see the impact of that". At that time I realized that that is what we are doing these days we catch fish for fun or for some of us to get paid, not thinking that someday we might wake up and realize that we don’t have fish anymore and the reason why we don’t think about that is because we think that fish are an infinite creatures that cannot be exhausted by our acts.